Testing new traffic sources: Photocountry

Today we are going to talk about how we tested Vulkan offer on Photocountry.

Photocountry — isn't the most popular traffic source for advertisement of mobile applications.

However about half a year ago the service of targeted advertisement released an update and a large format of banners (1080x657) for advertisement of mobile applications had appeared. We decided to use this opportunity and test the offer casino Vulkan. In this offer advertiser made payment from the percentage of the money that were deposited into the system by the players that were drawn in by traffic resellers.

The setting up of retargeting on Photocountry is simple. If you have already used myTarget then you will have no difficulties setting up target on Photocountry.

We were redirecting only through wide audience and have tested around 35 banners. The best banners showed the result:

CTR: 0.38 — 0.45
CR: 9% —10%.

Since CTR was low he had to rate around 3 rubles per click. Install was around 35 rubles.

Based on the total statistics we received:
Throughout the whole time we redirected 825 installs, and the earnings were $115.

At first ROI was around 40%, but since players that we brought in continued to donate — as a result we kept on making money and now we have made around $350.

Overall the indicators were not that high but on the other hand we tested the platform as another source of traffic.
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