Personalization of creatives in myTarget

Today let's talk about the case in which we adapted creatives of Clean Master for owners of various devices.

The essence of the approach is personalization of creatives for owners of devices of different brands. In order to increase the bid we have to direct quite a large volume of traffic. This approach allowed us to reach a maximum number of audience with a more narrow targeting. For utilities mentioning the manufacturer of the device which the user owns oftentimes increases CTR and CR.

MyTarget offers the following options of retargeting based on devices:
Out of Android-based devices we took HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony. Smartphones of other manufacturers fell into the category "Others". Additionally, tablets without dividing into brands were tested, but there weren't that many.

An individual banner was made for each device, where the name of the brand was written in large print and the image with the device of this brand that was held in hands was used:
In the audience settings, among other things device of the necessary brand was chosen:
The following working packs were analyzed and left:
CR has increased from 12% to 18%.

This is quite a well-known and functional approach to utilities, especially when the offer isn't new, and the approach with wide targeting doesn't give the necessary results. Alternatively — when you need to increase ROI on the current volumes but the narrowing of targeting limits the traffic and scaling possibly due to the setting up of campaigns on all available devices and geo. Furthermore, more time will be needed for preparation and analytics.

On the other hand if the goal is to increase volumes by several times then such approach is not always justified.

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