$10 000 with Facebook in two weeks

It was in autumn of 2015. The AliExpress offer to iPhone and Android once again increased payments for all geos and the rates were pretty high. Russia and CIS countries traffic was pushed via MyTarget prolifically. So we decided to try the approaches we have already tested for social traffic to other geos.

One could find this offer in different affiliate programs, it was available for everybody, with no limits. We pushed traffic directly to the advertiser, but affiliate programs payout was not much lower, so the margin we got was high, therefore, all the same would be with an affiliate program.

For example, Latin America, source: Facebook. We are going to push traffic to AliExpress, the mobile app, for Android and iOS. Payouts are about 0.4–0.6$ per install, depending on country and operating system.
Why Facebook
There is almost no information at all about working with Facebook traffic in Russia. But abroad Facebook has long been the main traffic source for Internet Marketing.

Several facts:

  • millions of online users are every day in almost every country;
  • mobile and desktop traffic;
  • a variety of targeting settings;
  • great native ad format;
  • high CTR, CR and traffic quality.

But there are also some disadvantages. Facebook — is rather closed source. By default, in Facebook you can only create direct links to app stores, but if you want to push traffic to an affiliate program, you need to use its tracking link. In addition, everyone who starts working with Facebook, is constantly faced with unpredictable account bans.

Later we will tell you how to create tracking links in Facebook and how to avoid getting banned, but now we are going to get into details of this case.
What to do
Firstly we create ads with shoes and clothing at competitive prices. This approach works perfectly in Russia and CIS countries.

Then we target on Latin America countries: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia.

For Brazil we create banners in Portuguese language, for other countries in Spanish. We make simple texts on purpose to be able to translate them via Google Translate easily.

So we get banners:
We are targeting men and women separately with different banners. Also, we are targeting Facebook and Instagram users separately, because both networks are completely different in traffic structure and cost of the traffic is also different. So we got wide targeting such as: all Brazil/Mexico/Colombia/Chile/Peru, all ages.

We create campaigns, download banners. Then put the initial $5 budget for testing on each banner, and choose CPM bidding: a payment model, when we pay for showings and FB optimizes the campaign for clicks and shows banners to those users who click with the highest probability. Within this bidding process, we can adjust the budget only. We receive CPM automatically, depending on an auction and our banners. From experience, this approach delivers the cheapest clicks and a sufficient amount of traffic.

Launch campaigns, unscrew the test budget, optimize and keep only the most effective banners: where CPC is lower and conversion is higher. In Facebook CPC is affected by banner CTR: the higher it is, the lower is the price per click.

Besides the cost is also affected by such measure as a Relevance Score, that consists of positive and negative users' reaction on advertising. If there is no negativity, everything will be fine. If there is a lot of negativity, even a high CTR won't make it better.

In fact, our task is to find the creative with the highest CTR, that will be still liked by the users and will be convertible. For that purpose test several creatives, then reserve the best, if such were found.
In our case, successful banners had a CTR of 2-3% and the cost per click was $0.04-0.06 per click. Herewith, the install conversion was ~15% and the installation cost was about $0.35-0.4.

The margin was good, and as there is a lot of traffic in FB, we generated about $3-5K of working assets per day. Taking into account the ROI of 30-40%, the net profit was about $1-2K per day.

Here are the figures for best creatives

And the campaign work statistics of all time.

Expenses ($42 000):

Income ($52 000):
Offer: AliExpress for iOS and Android.

Geo: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia.
The timing of the campaign 2 weeks.
Income: $52 000.
Expenses: $42 000.
Net profit: $10 000.

So, why do we got good results?

  • We made such tracking links, that Facebook approved;
  • We selected really good banners with high CTR (in fact the majority of them operate in Russia);
  • We carried all the trafic through our tracker, that allowed us to optimize campaigns on the level of each ad;
  • We weren't afraid that the advertiser won't pay so we pushed traffic a lot.
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