Mobile installation with Mobiads

In this case we will talk about MobiAds — popular advertising network with arbiters.

Platform: MobiAds
Geo: Kazakhstan
Offer: Link
Platform: Android
Payment: 40 rubles per installation
About MobiAds

Mobiads — is a very popular network with arbiters but they have low quality traffic, a whole lot of bots, and it is difficult to work there. We are using it for the most part for work with Adult-offers, but sometimes we can work with installs, especially if the advertises are not very strict with creative and placement sources.

Example of placement:

Creatives and approach

We started with banners. We directed traffic only on 300x250 format, since it is noticeable: it can be graphed in a normal way and not receive accidental clicks.

Considering the specifics of the platform, banners were used with the purpose of familiarization. Strictly speaking this is misleading but the advertiser was not against this at first:

Conversion on banners:

Best banner:
CR has increased from 12% to 18%.

This is quite a well-known and functional approach to utilities, especially when the offer isn't new, and the approach with wide targeting doesn't give the necessary results. Alternatively - when you need to increase ROI on the current volumes but the narrowing of targeting limits the traffic and scaling possibly due to the setting up of campaigns on all available devices and geo. Furthermore, more time will be needed for preparation and analytics.

On the other hand if the goal is to increase volumes by several times then such approach is not always justified.

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