Cheetah Mobile

ROI 172% with Cheetah Mobile

In this case we are going to tell how you can work with Cheetah Mobile platform and generate installs through it on foreign geos.

Platform: Cheetah Mobile
Geo: Brazil
Offer: AliExpress on iOS and Android

The offer was from a direct client at the rate of 0.4 USD for installation. Although we could work with affiliate networks, the payment there wasn't much lower.

Why Cheetah Mobile
Cheetah Mobile Ad Platform — is an advertising system that allows to advertise in the major utilities, such as Clean Master, CM Security, CM Browser, Battery Doctor. There's a lot of traffic: barely runet users amount is about 10 million users. Loads of users are from India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, United States also and Western Europe.

Ad format: large, native banners, so it's often possible to use the same approaches as in MyTarget.

Creatives and approaches
We used the same approaches as in MyTarget.

MyTarget Ecommerce - an application of different online stores, one of the biggest advertisers. We have an experience of working with a big amount of them and have already tested a bunch of different ideas. Approaches - how to engage a user, for example, can be very different:

  • discounts (real and very big);
  • liquidation, sale;
  • popular clothes and shoes brands;
  • popular items of other categories (Aliexpress has everything, so you can come up with: car spares, electronics, fishing gear, etc.);
  • complete looks (works well on girls);
  • all sorts of trendy things (cardigans, sneakers, heels, etc.).
Use Wordstat and Google Trends to understand what users are looking for. Also check popular items at all major online stores.

Here is a draft of such brainstorming approaches for Ecommerce applications.

Having tested a number of different ideas in MyTarget, we already know that banners with an item image and low price or discount affect audience very well. Such banners affect equally men and women regardless of the country. The only drawback: for most advertisers such banners are not suitable because they don't have big discounts, so they are perceived by users as a hoax. But they are ideal for Aliexpress, as there are plenty of low priced products. Traditionally, shoes are very popular among men and women, especially sneakers, because the demand for them doesn't depend on a season. The purchased traffic according to CPC was 0.03$ per click. The texts were very simple, translated from English with the help of OneHourTranslation.

Examples of successful banners:
Clicks 97105
Conversions 12536
Expenses 2921$
CPI 0,22$
Total: $5014.4
Net profit: $2093.4

Cheetah Mobile – is an excellent platform that allows to work not only with Russian audience, but with other countries as well. Herewith, the pricing rates are very small — you can use CPI offers for any geo.

Use Runet working approaches, and apply them on other geos.

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