ROI 65% with Avito promo on Android offers

For those who didn't know, on Avito from 2015 you have an opportunity to advertise apps, showing advertisements in the ads feed on mobile devices. At first there was little traffic, but by the end of the year the platform was rocked. At that time, utilities were perfectly generated on myTarget, but the competition was quite high and traffic was expensive. So we decided to work with Avito.
Avito - is the third largest platform in Runet, after Yandex and Mail.Ru. There's a lot of traffic. Ad format: large, native banners in the ads feed. It looks like this:

In addition to the standard targeting by geo and operating systems you have an opportunity to target for a certain category of ads. But in this case, as we will see below, we didn't need it.
What to do
In this case we are going to talk about the offer with utility for Android - Swift WiFi. It was our direct advertiser, but the offer was in many affiliate programs for a good payment, so we could generate through them.

To begin with we took a wide coverage:

all versions of Android;
whole Russia;
all categories.

No special targeting. The same for banners: we took about 30 of the most popular ads, which perfectly fitted MyTarget, and chose the best of them.
Basically, it was already enough for the campaign to work with an excellent ROI. Further, our issue was to achieve a decent amount. For that purpose we made some bets and tried to find the optimal ratio of amounts and margins. As a result, we reached 500+ installs per day with more than 50% ROI. If the offer wasn't stopped so quickly, we could have generated much more.
Offer: I Swift Wi-Fi for Android
GEO: Russia and CIS countries
Period: 5 days
Installations: 2931
The maximum number of installations per day: 620
Profit: 28,709 rub.
ROI: 65%

Don't be afraid to try new sources when there is a high level of competition in old ones.
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